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We are now in 2016!
Not sure about you but for me this year change could not have come any quicker.
I know that a date is very arbitrary and only has the meaning that you apply to it. AND I like maybe even you needed that shift.

So far the year has been stellar.
We have decided to revamp much of what we do at Bushindo University to better serve the students in a new modern and animated way. We want to make your study more streamlined for you.

TODAY IS THE LAUNCH OF THE NEW MUCH IMPROVED WEBSITE…. it will soon be even better as their is still much to do. But out with the OLD and in with the NEW!

Last years Beta Launch of the NinjaDojoOnline training was a great success. 25 years of study is already in our revolutionary membership portal.

In 2016 we will be moving the IBDA Members area into the Ninja Dojo as well as building our own forum for members only. No more nonsense people. We train with people we want to train with.

More soon…