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TAI KAI Was most EPIC!!! I am getting so many life changing testimonials
I really feel that it was the very best ever.

By popular request I intend to do this again next year.
AND I am looking into an INNER ARTS and Body Rejuvenation Event in OCTOBER 2022. 

All the Best, Doshi Richard Van Donk 


Think and Imagine if you were given an opportunity to be able to drop in to a Ninja Octagon training camp in the ancient IGA mountains taught by masters of the ancient arts. Would you go?

Doshi has done exactly that in the Mountain Redwoods near San Francisco, CA
This will be an All Inclusive Event…. One Investment for Lodging, Food, and All Night and Day Training! One of a Kind Rare Experience. His goal is for you to walk away from this event more empowered than you came in with new empowerment life skills that you can practice and use on a daily basis to live a more optimal life.

“Ancient Arts For Modern Times”
Warrior Immersion Experience- designed as transformal integrative body-mind-spirit-technique Ultimate Warrior.
Open to for brand new beginners or very advanced martial artist.
SOLD OUT!!  Call Office for waiting List!! 707-987-9322

I promise to combine the best of all that we have offered in the last 30+ years at camps and Tai Kais into making this the very best ever.

I am VERY excited to share all of me with you. This will be EPIC!!
All the Best, Doshi Richard Van Donk

“Ancient Arts for Modern Times”
TRAINING CAMP – much more than a Tai Kai..
Back to the Redwoods!!! (near San Francisco, CA)
I can tell you that we had some of our very best events in nature.

Come and drop into a warrior-sage training camp in the heart of nature in the redwoods.

Come as if you were to step back in time to train in the arts hundreds of years ago in the mountains of Japan when they were practiced as a way of living. 

You will start each morning awakening yourself with Doshi personally leading you in dynamic body empowerments of Ancient China and Japan such as Amatsu, Chi Gong / Dao Yin practices followed by Doshi guiding and sharing Golden Light Body Meditations in the morning, having a delicious breakfast. Exploring taijutsu/stealth/ and weapons training such as archery, sword during the day, and more evening Taijtusu training.

Each evening a fireside warrior chat with Doshi and instructors (ask Doshi any question) followed by an empowerment meditation.

If you still want to train head over to the breakout room where you can hang out or train as long as you want in the night.

Doshi has traveled  India, Tibet, China, Japan gathering the wisdom of the masters all to share with you the best of the best in this Ultimate Warrior immersion Experience.

This is a Rare opportunity, at a rediculously low price, for what is being offered. IF, I do this again it will be double the investment. The Life Empowerment Teachings shared, if you continue to practice them, will transform your life to the next level.
The door is open will you come through it?

We will be UNLIMITED in our training!! Both INDOOR and OUTDOOR.

NINJA skills, Sword, battles in the woods, Stealth- survival techniques, sword team battles in the woods (did I already say that?), energy Meditations, Climbing wall skills, Archery, Knife Throwing, Zip line, Taijutsu in nature, knife fighting, Warriorship training and much more. KOTO RYU WAZAS. Night and Day training.


We will have full use of the facility (that took a committment) !!
And I have instructors that will stay up until you go to bed but at 3am they will either toss you around until you are tired or they will choke you out for a good nights sleep, lol

We will be setting this up as a TRAINING CAMP!! So Many surprises that I want to tell you.

What you can expect at this event. Non-Stop TRAINING!!

2. “ANCIENT ARTS MODERN TIMES” Explore the concept of OLD WAYS Warrior Monk training exploring the DAO AND SHINTO Doorways (Spiritual non-religious). 
BODY – CONDITIONING Amatsu Junan Taiso Chi Gung, DaoYin, 
3. SPIRIT – Meditation and breathing exercises
5. BUJINKAN KOTO RYU WAZAs and Concepts– 
Knife and stick fighting – we will use Eskrima for that as it is far superior- a total must in your training. You may be dead without it.
Countering grappling-
6. Sword- Formal and Informal Sword play. SWORD BATTLES IN THE WOODS. must have padded gear!!
7. Gyokko Ryu Reveal- A discovery that was so powerful that it has greatly enhanced my own taijutsu in a way that i will not do it any other way now.

ONE INCLUSIVE INVESTMENT that covers your Warriors Immersion Experience bringing you “Ancient Arts For Modern Times” in your body-mind-spirit. Knowledge tools for Life!! PLUS FOOD and LODGING.
This is an Experience beyond a seminar or Tai Kai.

* LODGING (Cabin) and FOOD ($350+) 3 solid meals a day.

ALL FOR ONLY $997  Doshi Special Price is $647-  FOR EVERYTHING!!

Please Note: It is rare and expensive to get an entire facility like this exclusively  to ourselves. Doshi put a lot on the line to make it happen for us AND is keeping the price low enough for more people to come.
It will be limited to a MAX of 65 people. It will sell out – his events always do.
Do what it takes to be there as those who attend will be talking about this event for a long time!
This is an experience beyond a regular Seminar or Tai Kai. Includes Lodging and 3 solid meals a Day. When you figure that lodging at a hotel is at least $125 night ($375 for 3 nights in this area) and then food is at least $40 a day if you eat cheap ($120+) – All the training is nearly a bonus. Our 1990’s Camps in the Redwoods cost us about $497. 

Just come, drop in the experience and train like a warrior!!

covers all your meals and lodging as well as Non-Stop Top Notch Warrior Training. So much cheaper for you plus no traveling back and forth. This will be a Warrior training camp. You will never forget it. Ideas are popping in our brains overtime.
More Info and videos soon!! You will not want to miss this one!!



“Ancient Arts For Modern Times”
Warrior Immersion Experience will be designed to transform the brand new beginner or very advanced martial artist.

SOLD OUT!!  Call Office for waiting List!!  707-987-9322


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