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6 Complete Courses! Shodan, Teachers Training, Nidan, Sandan, Yondan, Budo Taijutsu, Ninja Weapons Courses including 44 DVDs, 14 CDs, 7 Manuals, 2 Books, 1.746 study pages, 4 Patches, 3 certificates, 9 years of the Ninja Vault and 2 cool Personal Training Bonuses.
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What are you going to do when a gun is put in your back or a knife is at your throat?
It is best that you know how to defend yourself in all scenarios. When you have a handle on resolving the tough situations than anything else is much easier.

In this training session Shihan Richard Van Donk and assistant instructors offer their ideas and principles to provide good survival solutions. Explore getting out of tough situations such as attacks from Knives, Guns, Grabs, and Multiple attackers.
1 hour #DVD555 $39.95 Limited time special - only $29.95

Bushindo University Catalog offers 61 pages of study items And information. It's FREE – Get It!

The International Bujinkan Dojo offers you a lifetime of training in the teachings of Ninjutsu and Budo Taijutsu from Shihan RIchard Van Donk and trained certifiied instructors around the world and is based on the arts Bujinkan Soke Masaaki Hatsumi in Noda, Japan.

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hosts over 300 study items of Bujinkan Ninjutsu: Videos / DVD's of the Master Instructors; including All official DVD's of Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi. Ninjutsu Study Books, Home Study Courses for those without a teacher near by, Spiritual and Life Enhancement materials, Training Gear and much, much more. brings you over 100 pages of study information on Ninjutsu, Grandmaster Hatsumi, Shihan Van Donk, Newsletter articles, How- to techniques, Training Camps, Tai Kai information, Dojo locations, Private sessions and much more. Check it out. We are growing daily.

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Train up close and personal. Whether you want to go to Japan to train with Soke Hatsumi, have private one on one sessions with Master Van Donk, have Master Van Donk come to you to teach you or your group or come to one of our semi-annual events, we have created a way for you to train one on one. See the links above for more information.

Links to other Ninjutsu Teachers World Wide
There may be a dojo (training hall) near you. Our art is growing. Check our list of instructors and training groups for one nearest you. We created these links in friendship and it is up to you to find out if their style of teaching is for you or not. Enjoy!.

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Your customers may want to buy our products..... especially Soke Hatsumi's videos and Shihan Richard Van Donk's Courses. Put a nice Hatsumi banner or page offering these videos on your site. When a customer clicks through directly to the store (not our web page) the order they place is coded to you and you receive a percentage on anything they purchase, paid as an advertising fee. Or you can buy them wholesale and build a web store of your own. E-mail us at if you are interested.

Our IBDA mission is to provide students and new Buyu friends worldwide with the best knowledge of Ninjutsu / Budo Taijutsu possible directly as it is taught by Soke Hatsumi and Shihan Van Donk. We offer a solid Ninjutsu standard that you can trust and be proud of. Your rank will have meaning and you will know why you earned it as it will be an indication of learned knowledge. IBDA is committed to offering the most comprehensive Ninjutsu training available on the planet. We start by getting students started on the training as a new life path where everyone starts at 9th kyu and works their way to mastership. They decide the level and dedication of their journey. Our goal is to first bring them to Shodan (1st degree Blackbelt where they learn a very solid overview of the entire Bujinkan teachings, then train them to be a Shidoshi (teacher of the Warrior ways of Enlightenment) where they learn budo taijutsu wazas school by school and a how to teach martial arts course, then we help them to get a successful training group or full time dojo started, then we guide them into becoming a Shihan (role model for others) with teachings to Judan. Shihan Van Donk at his Menkyo level is very committed to teaching teachers and to empowering every person he meets to be the very best human being they can be and to further encourage them to be a living example for others to follow.

Our Bushindo University mission is to encourage all beings on the planet to be more joyfully aware, respectful, responsible human beings thereby creating a world without conflict, a sustainable Earth, a human culture of living kindness, and more unity in the world through living our personal diversity. We do this by offering martial arts, Enlightened Warrior teachings, Inner Mastery, Seminars, Japan trips, Private sessions, dojo teachings, study materials that are designed to better your life.

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