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ARTICLE from the past 1992 – still relevant today.
By Master Rich J. Van Donk
Is the path you have chosen your own? Are you following the beat of a different drummer or living by other’s rules? Does your religion control you – or empower you?
Socrates about 2,000 years ago philosophized that the greatest gift you could give yourself would be to know yourself fully. “Know thyself”. Many a soul has pondered on that aspect for eons of time. Once in awhile it is a good idea to look at our relationships to how we live this life and make sure that we have chosen our paths well.
To me life is precious, very precious. And time is far to short for all that can be experienced in this great life. Some systems like Zen tell you to sit still (zazen) for hours a day. They tell you to give up all desires. What a dichotomy, obey the desire of no desires to get enlightenment. Huh? They say if you love playing your guitar then you should give it up because it may give you attachment. They even suggest to give up your family like Buddha did because the highest thing you can do for your family is to someday give them a life free from suffering. I say Hogwash. This is all done by immature controlling minds. Show me the graduates. I say give your family the gift of a great life. Yes it can be a great salvation to take refuge in abstaining from some outside worldly influences and to strip away the layers of unwanted thoughts, gaining clarity for your life purpose.
But this life is meant to be lived. Meditation is a great path to this salvation. I meditate at least daily (more accurately I seldom leave the state). My meditations have set me free, even free from restrictive religions. In Zen one must clear ones mind and become still so that the great cosmic voice will sound in you. What will they do if it keeps sounding forever? Well, I can state from experience that once this channel opens the Omkara state that these celestial sounds and voices are continuous and are very dynamic, not static at all. There are visions always there with the sound vibrations. Inside your being is not dark, but full of light. Anyone with a little training (in as short as 1 hour) can experience inner light, holy sound , holy breath, pulse with their existence and taste the sweet holy nectar of life when shown secret ways to activate these things.
Very few religions, including Zen, teach these active sacred meditations. They are kept very secret. Why do they hold back these innate states of consciousness? Most practitioners of meditation, even Zen, seek this enlightened state. Unfortunately, when it finally happens for some seekers they will try to erase these great truths without knowing their wisdom, because some monk must tell them what to experience and how it will be obtained. The problem is that most of these monks have not experienced it either and wouldn’t know what the state is to teach it to others. I wish I had a device that filmed what I experience inside my mind. In the near future I will do the best I can to create it on film.
BODHI TREENow, I talk from experience here in regard to this enlightenment knowledge. I sat under the Bohdi tree in Bodgaya, India in the same spot that Buddha obtained enlightenment (actually on the same day of the year it happened for Buddha, Dec. 8th) while over 150 monks sat chanting. Note: I was the only one inside under the tree at the time; the monks were outside the fence. There was an actual physical fence but unfortunately also a mental one that kept them at distance. They were there to celebrate Buddha’s achievement. I was there to experience what Buddha did and beyond. I merged my essence with his and experienced his truth directly from him, understanding how he arrived at his Noble Truths. Sitting there I heard the internal cosmic Omkara sound vibration that was louder than loud itself. I was filled with a divine breath that breathed the entire universe in and out of creation. Light exploded in my head like a flash of lightning filling me with a brilliant golden light. I was shown many, many truths, some of which took years to understand.
Buddha’s enlightening truths were personal to him and at first even he hesitated to tell others but Buddha taught his experiences and his teachings spread throughout the entire world over time. One deep truth of mine was that life was meant to be enjoyed (in joy) while maintaining balance and sustainabilty.
Everything is dynamic. Nothing in this life really remains still. Everything is in a constant state of change or motion resonating with different frequencies and vibrations. So wouldn’t it be better to spend time in nature observing life than to give control of your life to a practice that cuts you off from life. This Life is too short as it is. This is one reason that I prefer dynamic meditations over just sitting still.
Now sometimes I start with emptying myself and just being with my breath. True zazen practice was originally only a first step towards more advanced meditation practices. Most of the time I go to the source of my existence and merge with the divine essence that created me in the first place. I have been initiated into these master practices and am empowered to give the initiations myself. I call it Sourcing.
My audio cd (Enlightenment Now) releases basic but once very secret techniques of knowledge because in this time of planetary evolution humankind needs ways of Sourcing the divine within, of knowing ways to obtain peace and inner truth that no one can take from them no matter what happens. We must give peace a chance. One day the world will learn that peace is ten thousand times more powerful than war. No Guru or teacher can put into you that which is already there (whether they are enlightened or not).
They can only awaken in you what has been dormant or as in my case give you the tools to open your own being to cosmic knowledge and enlightenment.
I’m going to be bold here: until you know how to run your own 6 senses efficiently, optimize your neurology, activate your nervous system at will and run your own brain efficiently you have no business looking for a path or belief system to follow. It would be like trying to drive a car with no oil, no gas, and not even putting the key in the ignition to start it. Once ready to go you have to know the destination -you look at a map AFTER you know where you want to end up. And even following the map may change as the scenery or your desires do.
MACCHU PICHUWhile sitting on top of Machu Pichu in Peru an Incan Priest told me that the Incas had 3 great laws or truths that they all agreed to live by and I would like to pass them on to you. They are as follows:
1. Do not lie. (to yourself or others)
2. Do not take that which is not yours.

3. Do not be idle.


Are you perfecting your life?
Be fulfilled in the joy,
Richard Van Donk