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JUDAN – 5th Level – IBDA Aministrative Director

I have been studying martial arts for over 40 years basically being fascinated by it and becoming addicted to it at an early age, and tried to study everything that I could. In the early years of my training, studying different arts and systems at the same time was heavily frowned upon at almost every dojo, so my thirst and curiosity for knowledge of different martial arts styles and systems has gotten me into a lot of trouble with different instructors.

I have received many awards and honors including being inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame twice as Multidiscipline Master of the Year, and later as Mixed Martial Arts Grandmaster of the year. Currently I hold a Level 10 master certification in Wing Chun Kung – Fu, Black Sash in Open Palm Kung – Fu, American Chinese Kenpo Godan, Bujinkan Ninjutsu Hachidan, Dynamic DeCuerdas Eskrima Level 5 (Guro), Pentjak Silat Ular Naga Guru Black Sash, Arnis/Kali/ Eskrima Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do Shodan, Mu Duk Kwan Shodan, Danzan Ryu Jujitsu Shodan and many kyu ranks that I enjoyed dabbling in.

I began training in Wing Chun Kung – Fu around the age of 12 and by 19 I became one of the youngest practitioners to receive the Sifu title in two separate systems. By age 22 I received master certification in Wing Chun Kung – Fu. As I continued my Wing Chun training I have always been practicing or studying other arts, how they work, their principles, philosophy, internal and external practices, and to me what was even more important is how they hold up in real combat.

I began training in ninjutsu in the late 80’s and joined the American Bujinkan Dojo Association around 1993 where I was very fortunate to find my home, with a real Grandmaster Instructor, and many new friends to train with. I recently received the honor of being appointed on the IBDA Master Council as an Administrative Director. 

A master once asked me if I would be willing to trade all the martial arts knowledge that I have and given it all up for $50K, $100K, or even a $1M, which I had to laugh, dedicating my life to the arts I have possibly even spent $1M but the experience, and friendships that I bought with this investment is truly priceless.